Sausage rolls and scotch eggs

Sausage rolls and scotch eggs

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Swedish Meatballs and Janssons Temptation


I have a very good friend who is Swedish. I don't get to see her very often, not as often as we'd like but it's always such a treat when we do. I finally had an opportunity to see her and she invited me round for dinner. Given that I had a free Saturday, I offered to cook and take it round to her.

 I love Jamie Olivers book: Jamie Does......... I saw this recipe years ago and thought how good it would be to do it and even better that I could do it for my friend. Now there's one major risk with cooking food  from a particular country for someone from that country and that is..... disappointing them! 

As I layered up all the ingredients for Janssons Temptation and smothered all that fantastic grated potato, onion and anchovies, I could do it was going to be good. It smelled heavenly as it cooked and I was thrilled when I took it out of the oven. It was golden and crisp on the top but it looked silky and comforting too.

The meatballs themselves weren't that much difference, apart from the herbs. Adding dill to something other than fish is unusual but I love unusual. The sauce was more unusual still, with tangy lemon, contrasting with the sweetness of the Cranberry sauce and then cream. I was thoroughly intrigued!

So, how did it all go down? She really enjoyed it and was very surprised that I'd made all that for her. The Janssons Temptation tasted as heavenly as it looked and I would happily make that at any time as a side dish for meat or fish but to be honest, I could happily eat it on it's own with a spoon. 
The meatballs were meaty, obviously but the combination or pork and beef mince worked well, keeping them moist too. The dill was actually lovely and the balance of the sauce actually worked well. I doubled up so I have a few portions left in the freezer, that makes me very happy.

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