Sausage rolls and scotch eggs

Sausage rolls and scotch eggs

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Good For You Wholefood Fudge

I knew I'd not been on here for a while but June! I have my reasons though. Firstly, I got better and blogging had started as a tool to keep me busy when I was ill. Then, as a result, I decided to diet and get back to working out to shift some weight I'd gained from the last year so....... less baking, boooooo! The diet was low fat, calorie controlled initially and then I switched to carb cycling. None of this seemed to make great recipes for a blog. Then, I got ill again a few weeks ago, boooo! The plus side is though, it got me thinking about this blog and atcually, just how much I could be putting on here because it's not all about baking, it's everything I make and my journey with food, yay!

I have to say, although generally I had been eating a lot healthier, there have still been some great meals but I warn you now, they will be more on the healthy side, if you hadn't already guessed from the recipe name today.

Being ill though has made me crave more comfort foods and I have some great recipes lined up to try in the next few weeks.

I also broke my 4th Xperia Z1, they're just so damn breakable! I'll be honest, my photography skills were hugely lacking and this put me off too but I rarely make up my own recipes so I will be honest and put links on to the pages they're from and use the photos they have used, as well as comments about how I found it. I may put pictures up of my attempts but only for other peoples amusement.

The fudge:- Obviously not traditional fudge in ANY sense but the closest many people can get and yet, it tastes really, really good. Not convinced? Try it. I would have screwed up my face too but it honestly tastes good and you have none of the guilt of traditional fudge, in fact, it's good for you. And, it couldn't be easier! 3 ingredients and a few minutes. From the lovely Bianca from

peanut butter fudge bars

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